"Stock My Store has been absolutely invaluable for our brand. Our membership has given us amazing exposure and we've gained a significant number of new stockists in a short period of time. In addition to showcasing our brand to a wide range of stores, we've really benefited from Stock My Store's ongoing wholesale advice. The staff have been a constant source of support which has been extremely helpful as we've grown our brand. No request or question is ever too much"

- Little Bairn


"Since signing up to Stock My Store I have had consistent enquiries for my brand and have taken on some great new stockists. I really value having my brand seen on Stock My Store and having that bit of extra support as a wholesaler, while still keeping control of my business"

- Litecups & Airy Nuts


"Experience so far has been great. I just logged in to check as I hadn't logged in for a while and noticed some new orders! I have been happy with the number of orders and enquiries (some have been direct and when I asked how they found me they mentioned you guys)"

- Daju


"I am just loving Stock my Store within the few months after adding our products we have had five new stockists across Australia. Some of which have already made additional orders. Its a great way to get your rpdoucts into shops and boutiques both online and bricks and mortar shops across Australia"

- Destination Green


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great meeting with you both early on this week. The advice you both gave me was so helpful and I'm in the progress of working through a long list of to-do's!"

- Rock Ribbons


"I think what your company is doing is just so smart, and important for small biz but also ensuring innovation in design remains in Australia. "

- Modibodi


"Just have to let you know that the website is sooo easy to use , was a bit worried about it , but its very user friendly"

- Frilly Tushies