Do Brands pay a commission on orders placed?
No, no commission is charged. It is simply the yearly membership fee, and any additional advertising you choose to take part in.

Can a store contact a brand?
On the SMS site there will be Brands contact details available as well as simply pressing a button to connect with a brand. Only stores with memberships are able to access this information.

Will other stores in my area have access to Stock My Store?
All approved stores will have access to all the brands on the SMS site. However, ultimately it is up to each brand which stores they want stocking their products. If wanting exclusivity for a brand in your immediate area, if you are a brick and mortar store, please discuss this with the brand.

Will stores be able to directly place their orders online and make payment?
Stores can send orders direct to each brand. Payments for orders will go direct to the brands. Once an order has been placed on the Stock My Store website, the brand will receive the order (via email) and invoice directly to the store. Stores will then make payment as per invoice payment options and once payment has been received by the brand your order will be dispatched directly to the store. No payments/accounts are handled by Stock My Store.

For Brands, Is there a limit in the amount of products we can upload?
There is no limit on the amount of products that can be uploaded to the Brands ‘mini-site’. However they must all be your brands products or if you are a distributor, the brands you distribute only.

For Brands, will we be able to set a minimum order value and shipping parameters?
On the Stock My Store website Brands have the option of displaying your minimum order quantity/value in the Brands Profile section. Shipping prices can also be displayed in the Brands Profile section.
Lower the minimum order, the more stores that will try your products and be able to order in more often and have quicker turnover of your products.

How many stores & brands are registered with Stock My Store? 

The Stock My Store website launched on 31 May 2014.

As of 21st of April 2015 we have:

482 Stores 

136 Brands

Over 4000 products listed

The Stock My Store site has processed over 300 orders. We have found many Stores use the Stock My Store site as a directory only, we are unable to track those orders and enquiries that go direct to the Brand. 

Can we still have sales agents work for our brand?
Of course you can, this is just used as an extra way to promote your brand to stores and obtain orders. How you work out these orders with
your agents is entirely up to you.

Can a brand offer a dropship service?
Yes you can offer products at a wholesale rate with a minimum order and you can offer a dropship rate (usually a slightly higher rate then wholesale as no minimum order).

Can I clear last season stock through Stock My Store?
Yes you can clear last season stock, discontinued items etc through Stock My Store, we would suggest you make this clear that its on sale due to last season/discontinued and sell at a slightly cheaper rate to get those products sold quickly for you.

I’m new to wholesale, can you help me with my pricing and terms?
Most certainly, we are happy to give you our advice on the best pricing and terms to get more stores trying and reordering your products in a way that is profitable for both parties.


How do we get Store members on board?

SMS have databases of stores that we contact directly via telephone, mail and email. We receive sign ups daily through word of mouth and social media. We are also physically visiting stores and networking with stores through business events. We have marketing campaigns with multiple B2B companies coming up with more planned for the future.