Candela Sorelle - hand poured soy candles and accessories

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Candela Sorelle (n, Italian): candle sisters. Two inspired artisans sharing a strong family bond, a desire to create and a love of truly beautiful things – especially those simple things in life. Candela Sorelle came about after a string of family holidays to our beautiful beachside retreat, when we ‘sorelle’ would dream about applying our creativity and respective talents to a business project together. While pushing our kids on the swings and taking in the salt air, we’d talk about our shared love of handmade products and how much we appreciated the passion and attention that true artisans poured into their handmade wares. Scented candles have always been favourites of ours. We know there is a deep connection between the sense of smell and human emotion, and we both love the way certain aromas can transport us to another place or connect us to long-forgotten memories and feelings. Cue the lightbulb moment. We agreed early on that Candela Sorelle candles had to include all-natural ingredients, a unique wood wick, offer the highest possible fragrance load for maximum scent throw and be finished with great attention to detail. They had to be physically beautiful and yet priced so that the vast majority of people could enjoy them. The fragrance range had to cover a variety of olfactive families and moods, to help bring as many of those long-forgotten memories to the forefront of our customers’ minds. We spent countless hours researching and developing the look and feel of our products. We have poured, and enjoyed, hundreds of candles and dozens of scents while honing just the right formulation. And we have drunk copious amounts of tea and eaten an equivalent number of jam-and-cream scones while we brewed our plans. The end result is something we are both immensely proud of. Candela Sorelle is a premium range of hand poured natural soy candles, soy melts and associated products to excite the olfactory and, importantly, also help promote relaxation and joy in the homes (and minds) of busy people. They are premium products, sleek and chic in appearance, finished with great attention to detail. There’s nothing better than hearing all the positive comments from our customers and the stories about how a particular fragrance took them back to the pool bar on an amazing tropical overseas holiday or reminded them of that stunning bunch of flowers they received on a first date. We hope that you too will lift the lid on your Candela Sorelle candle and be instantly transported back to a happy place, or that our candles are part of the formation of fabulous new happy places. Because it’s the simple things – like those delightful memories attached to scents, the relaxing sound of our wood wicks burning or the way flickering candlelight dances around the walls of a darkened room – that are the most important things in life.