Brands Information

Why join Stock My Store

Our research has informed us that many brands are frustrated by the time and cost associated with trade shows and agents as a method of promotion to an only limited number of retailers. Stock My Store allows brands to showcase their products to a wide variety and a huge amount of stores essentially offering a one-stop-shop for retail buyers to do their buying. Ultimately, this translates to less cost and better service with 24/7 convenience.

Traditionally, the main ways brands could take their products to retail buyers were through trade shows or an agent. Stock My Store is a more cost-effective way to do this with a far greater geographic and demographic reach. More reach with less cost. Stock My Store is also ‘open’ 24/7 allowing buyers to ‘shop’ when and where it suits them, meaning they will be more motivated to buy.


Benefits and Features

Stores are able to order directly from you allowing you to approve, monitor and control orders and invoice directly. This also allows you to monitor your Return on Investment from Stock My Store over time. Your brand will be located within a relevant category, directing target buyers straight to your product category. You also have direct control over communication with your buyers so training and briefing a third party is not required, reducing the risk of errors and misinformation. Because buyers have direct contact with you they become your customers and you have control over the relationship.